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About VRay Materials

Our VRay material library has been created to provide high quality, photorealistic and Free VRay materials to all 3D designers, artists and professionals. VRay is one of the best photorealistic render engines available for 3D production. If you wish to know more about VRay then read more on Chaos Group’s website.

We are passionate 3D designers and long time VRay users, and are making our assets available to other 3D designers. We will be constantly updating this site to include a more extensive range of VRay materials free downloads, along with textures, 3D models and HDRI’s – Check back regularly for more free downloads. This website offers VRay materials for 3Ds Max and VRay materials for Maya.

We also welcome and would like to encourage user uploads, VRay users and this website thrives on your uploads. If you wish to share your amazing VRay material with the community then use our simple upload form. Simply download our 3D scene for either 3Ds Max or Maya, apply your material and produce a render – it’s as simple as that.

Our sample scene has been specially created to produce a neutral render so please don’t alter the settings. You are however free to alter anything in regards to the main material to showcase your material at it’s best, including adding displacements. You may also add elements to the image if they are relevant to showcase the vray material better. This may help if your material utilises opacity masks such as leaves.

If you have any questions check our FAQ for answers. If our FAQ doesn’t answer your question then use our contact form to submit your query and we will respond as soon as we can.


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