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Below are a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) regarding our VRay materials, textures and 3D Models. If you have any questions then read below and hopefully we can answer your question. If you still have a question then contact us using the contact form.


Q – What is VRay?
VRay is one of the best render engines for 3D production, and is compatible with both 3Ds Max & Maya. Here at VRay Materials we support both platforms, offering materials for both. VRay allows artists to produce photo-realistic renders utilizing a quick and flexible 3D production process.

Q – What does this website do?
Our VRay Materials website has been built as a hub for 3D designers and artists, with the goal to supply free VRay materials, textures, 3D models and HDRI’s so you can create photorealistc images and renders while cutting down on the lengthy process of creating materials, scenes and models from scratch.

Q – How does this website work? Why isn’t my material upload showing?
Our website will be updated regularly with new VRay materials. We will upload both VRay materials which we have created and used in our work, along with responding to materials you request. We also welcome user uploads – if you upload a material through the material upload page, it will go through an approval service before it is approved and finalized on the site. This approval process is to ensure maximum quality throughout the website. We aim to approve materials ASAP so they will be available for download as soon as possible.

Q – I have a great material. How do I share it?
Our website is open to users uploading their own VRay materials, the more materials you can share with the 3D community the better. If you have a great material then simply download our material scene, apply your material and produce a render using our setup, and finally upload your VRay material here. It couldn’t be simpler.

Q – Can I request a material?
If you have a great idea for a material, or can’t produce a realistic looking material then you can head over to our VRay material request page and post your request.
Alternatively if you’re looking for a challenge why not head over to the request page and help somebody out by creating a requested material. Make sure to respond to the request to notify the community how to find that material.

Q – Licensing
All VRay materials posted on this site are free to download and use. The only restriction being you can’t resell these materials else where. We do not prohibit the upload of copyright protected materials, and if you come across any then please use our contact form to let us know, where we will remove them.


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