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Your one stop shop for all things Vray. Tune in to read the latest news directly from Chaos Group, and the world of 3D visualisations. Learn Vray by watching and reading our tutorials, covering the basics of creating Vray materials and scenes to mastering more complex Vray techniques.

Deadpool CGI Breakdown

Deadpool CGI Breakdown with VRay

Deadpool was one of the breakout successes of 2016. By focusing on a “special” kind of humour this superhero film […]

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Game of Thrones CGI Breakdown Maya Vray

Game of Thrones CGI Breakdown – VRay for Maya

V-Ray by Chaos Group has been used by many big studios to create special effects in the big screen and […]

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Best 3D Rendering PC under £1000

Best Budget 3D Rendering PC Under £1000

If your looking for a decent 3D rendering workstation without having to break the bank you could start to look […]

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Short Trodden Grass Material

Realistic Grass in Maya using Vray Fur

Here’s a great tutorial detailing how to create realistic looking grass in Maya using Vray. Recorded by Arvid Schneider, this […]

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GT3 Vray Scene Post Production Breakdown

Making of GT3 Race Scene – Includes Free Materials

This scene showcases two of our favourite cars in their full GT3 race spec, The BMW Z4 & BMW E92. […]

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Vray Material Tutorial

Vray Material Basics Maya | Free VRay Tutorial

Here is a great Vray tutorial which covers the basic Vray material settings available in Maya. Recorded by Arvid Schneider, […]

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Contemporary House Archviz render

VRay Materials in use | Contemporary Architectural Render

All VRay materials used are available for free download by clicking the links below. Download Materials Detailed Path VRay Material […]

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Category Guide

Best 3D Rendering PCs

This is the area of our Vray Materials site where we share with you our builds for the best 3D modelling & rendering PC builds. Below you will find suggestions for our best budget 3D rendering pc build, along with guides on our favourite 3D rendering workstation and lists for the best computers for 3D rendering. All computers below have been individually spec'd, and many have been used throughout our office.

VRay Renders - Our materials in use

See VRay renders produced using VRay materials from our material library. View the behind the scenes and the materials used in these renders. Then download all the materials for your own 3D scenes. The VRay material libraries available on this website are great. They look good in the preview scene we use and supply. However you don’t really have the chance to view these materials in real VRay renders and 3D scenes until you download and try them. To counter this and to really give you a good idea of what VRay materials you are downloading we are starting to render scenes utilising the VRay materials available on our site. You can use the VRay renders provided here to pick and choose the VRay materials which you wish to download.

VRay Tutorials

Learn VRay easily and quickly with our free and easy to follow VRay tutorials. In the tutorials below we discuss VRay basics through to more in depth tutorials. The aim of these tutorials is to allow you to learn VRay and feel comfortable with VRay's interface. Allowing you to create photo realistic renders in no time at all. VRay can be quite complex and daunting to look at when you first load it up. But by following a few of the tutorials below and as you learn some VRay tips & tricks, we aim to make VRay fun and easy to understand and use. Putting the focus entirely on the amazing realistic renders which VRay can produce. And spending less time fiddling with tricky settings. We are constantly adding new VRay tutorials so check back often for more VRay tips and tricks. If you have any suggestions for future tutorials then by all means feel free to send us a suggestion. Or if you have a material suggestion let us know by leaving a comment on our material requests page.


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