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Game of Thrones Season 6 Battle CGI Breakdown Video
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Game of Thrones CGI Breakdown – VRay for Maya

V-Ray by Chaos Group has been used by many big studios to create special effects in the big screen and small screen, and that list includes the HBO epic, Game of Thrones.

[Beware, Spoiler below]

Game of Thrones season 6’s penultimate episode included one of the biggest battles to date with John Snow and his army facing off against the Bolton’s forces.

In the battle, there are thousands of men, hundreds of horses, and not to forget giants! There are camera tricks and special effects galore to create everything from the rain of arrows, to all of the combat that ensues. Here we have a behind the scenes video showing how that infamous battle scene was created using Maya and V-Ray for the majority of the animation.

This video shows how VFX Studio Iloura used V-Ray in combination with Autodesk Maya, Yeti and Massive to compose the Game of Thrones Award-winning battle scene.

See the full video above or here.

Copyright owned by HBO and Iloura 2016.

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