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Vray Fur Grass Download Pack x12

Realistic Grass Collection of 12 Presets | 3Ds Max


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A pack of realistic grass varieties for 3Ds Max.
Scroll down to the Product Description for details and high resolution images.

Highly realistic grass for 3Ds Max, created using Vray Fur. Vray Fur is one of the best ways to create realistic Grass in a 3D scene, and isn’t very intensive rendering when compared to poly models and scatter tools.
Compatible with 3Ds Max 2011 +.

Product Contains

– This collection includes 12 varieties of grass, from mown lawns to autumn grass. Each variety has been precisely created using the Vray Fur modifier and has a realistic material attached.
– The different grass presets are supplied in their own 3Ds Max file, with a 3Ds Max 2011 compatibility file included, which you can load straight up and render with.
– Included are the Vray Fur settings for each grass preset so you can load and apply the grass straight into your current scene.
– Includes a grass texture map along with a dirt ground texture with bump map.

12 Realistic Grass Presets

– Wild Grass
– Long Lawn Grass
– Dense Lawn Grass
– Short cut Lawn Grass
– Mossy Grass
– Sports field Grass
– Short Common / Used Grass
– Long Field Grass
– Long Wild Brown Straw
– Short Autumn Grass
– Thick Short Grass
– Thick Long Grass

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Additional Information

File Format

3Ds Max 2011, 3Ds Max 2014

Materials Included

12 Varieties of Grass


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