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VRay Fur Grass Material

VRay Grass Material – VRay Fur – 3Ds Max



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A VRay Grass Material using VRay Fur to produce realistic grass 3D renders.

This is a great realistic grass material for VRay & 3Ds Max. Created using VRay Fur and high quality grass texture. This VRay Grass Material uses a high quality grass texture along with VRay Fur to render realistic grass.

“The best VRay grass around”

Included in the Grass Material download is the VRay Fur settings which were used to create this grass material. The .mat file used as a base material. And the high resolution grass texture, which is used to add random colours and realistic texture to the VRay Grass. Everything about this material is easily customisable to fit your needs and requirements. You can easily change the length, curve, thickness and more to create unique renders and results. Because of the ease of customisation this material is a great base for any grass material.

This VRay Fur material renders quickly to produce realistic Grass fields without the need for displacement maps, VRayProxy objects or the VRayScatter plugin.

Additional Information


3Ds Max 2013

VRay Version

V-Ray 2.0 using VRay Fur.


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