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Making of Automotive Vray Scene + FREE Vray Material downloads
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Making of GT3 Race Scene – Includes Free Materials

VRay GT3 Making of Scene Final Render

GT3 Race Scene Vray & 3Ds Max

This scene showcases two of our favourite cars in their full GT3 race spec, The BMW Z4 & BMW E92. Below we will run through our process of lighting, and texturing the full scene and we’ll also throw in Free Vray materials for you to download and use in your own scenes.

All images below can be clicked on to be enlarged.

First up here we have our Wireframe Render
GT3 Race Scene Vray Wireframe Render

Here’s an overview of our whole scene in 3Ds Max
Screens - Scene Overview

An external overview of our scene showing our simple lighting setup
GT3 Vray External Scene Overview

Scene Materials Used

Our road asphalt Vray material is quite a complex one, although only using two texture maps (Both available to download for free at the bottom of this tutorial.)
We have used a composite material so we can overlay tyre marks onto the road. This allows us to tweak the asphalt material as much as we like without affecting our tyre marks. We used the dirt texture map to generate puddle reflections in the scene, with our asphalt texture serving as a base for our track.
Race Track Asphalt Vray Material Settings

Our Asphalt Texture Map
Asphalt Texture Map

Our Dirt Texture Map
Dirt Texture Map

For our Kerbing we did create a bespoke UV texture map which doubled up as both our diffuse and bump map.
Race Track Kerb Vray Material

Our bespoke Kerb UV Map
Race Track Kerb Texture Map

Our concrete walls consisted of a single texture map once more, with another material to overlay the sponsor graphic on each concrete block.
Concrete Vray Material Settings

The concrete texture map
VRay Concrete Texture Map

Our metal fencing was created using a bent plane along with a UV mapped opacity map.
Mesh Fence Vray Material Settings

Our metal fence opacity map
Fence Mesh Opacity Texture Map

Moving onto our car models, see below the textured models for both BMW’s. Both cars had their own custom UV map unwrapped.
BMW Z4 3D Model + BMW 3 Series 3D Model

The car paint material uses the custom UV mapped livery along with a slight speckle reflection map.
Vray Car Livery Material

Our tyres use both a diffuse and a normal bump map.
Tyre Vray Material Settings

The wheel rims also use a diffuse for the rims, and brake calipers, along with a normal bump map.
Wheel Rim Vray Material Settings

Our simple carbon fibre material includes a diffuse and bump map.
Carbon Fibre Vray Material Settings

Our carbon fibre texture map
Carbon Fibre Texture Map

Scene Lighting

Our main source of light for the scene comes from a HDRI map attached to a dome Vray material.
Realistic Vray HDRI Light Settings
The HDRI map itself can be found in Evermotion’s Archexterior Vol 17 which you can download from here.

We also use a Vray Sun & Sky to help define the lighting, reflections and shadows.
Realistic Vray Sun & Sky Settings

Camera Settings

We used a Vray Physical Camera to capture our scene.
Realistic Vray Physical Camera Settings

Post Production

Here is our beauty render straight from 3Ds Max.
GT3 Vray Scene RAW Beauty Render

This image shows our post production breakdown. We added a few passes to the RAW image to add effects including DOF, Particles, Light bloom & Glows and finished with a colour correction pass.
GT3 Vray Scene Post Production Breakdown

And here’s our final result.
VRay GT3 Making of Scene Final Render

We hope you found this project breakdown and run through helpful, and be sure to download the materials used in this project below.

Download Materials – Click on image below

Mesh Fence Vray Material FREE Download
Car Paint Vray Material FREE DownloadConcrete Wall Vray Material FREE DownloadAsphalt with Puddles Vray Material FREE Download


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