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Vray Materials shown in use | Contemporary Architectural render
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VRay Materials in use | Contemporary Architectural Render

Contemporary House Archviz render

All VRay materials used are available for free download by clicking the links below.

Path VRay MAterial

Linear Brushed Metal material

Modern Dark Wall Material

White Wall Render

Bark VRay Material

VRay Glass Material Download

VRay Fur Grass Material

Download Materials
Detailed Path VRay Material
Linear Brushed Metal VRay Material
Modern Dark Wall VRay Material
Glass VRay Material
Concrete Slab Wall VRay Material
Tree Bark VRay Material
Grass VRay Material

For this scene we have built and rendered a sleek and modern contemporary house in the woods. We love nothing more than creating interesting housing 3D models and architectural renders. This post will aim to give you an insight into the materials and texturing which goes into creating an architectural render such as the one above.

  • Let’s start with the foliage. The trees include a detailed and seamless diffuse texture and a bump which is detailed enough to allow for close up renders like we have above. In close proximity you can see the wood grain in the bark and the tree really comes to life.
  • For the grass we have used one of our favourite materials, our Vray fur grass material. the flexibility in this material is unrivaled as you can tweak the fur setting to accommodate for almost any type of grass you can think of.
  • For the glass we have used an old favourite which pops up in most of our 3D scenes, the architectural and car glass material.
  • We have created a tweaked brushed metal material for the lighting, which allows for more oblong and realistic reflections in the grooves of the metal on cylindrical 3D objects.
  • The path that runs throughout the scene uses a custom made texture map of weathered concrete. This material can be used for paths and roads and is detailed enough for closeup renders. The texture consists of partially weathered and worn pathing which simulates real outdoor flooring as it becomes used, walked & driven on.
  • The building consists of two materials. One dark concrete material with slight dirt within the texture map. Again allowing for a more realistic and weathered archviz render. The dirt reflects very nicely in direct light.
  • The second building material is a concrete plank, which is a unique take on chiseled concrete slabs. Again for maximum realism we have a dirty layer on the material and textures, with dirt gathering in the cracks between slabs.

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