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VRay Materials Shown in use | Ferrari 458 VRay Materials Download
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VRay Materials in use | Ferrari 458 Automotive Render

Ferrari 458 3D Render VRay Materials Used

All VRay materials used are available for free download by clicking either the images below or the links.

VRay Red Car Paint Material 3Ds MaxBrushed Metal VRayBrushed Chrome Material Free DownloadVRay Glass Material DownloadAsphalt VRay Material


Download Materials
Red Car Paint VRay Material
Brushed Metal VRay Material
Chrome VRay Material
Car Glass VRay Material
Asphalt VRay Material

In this scene we have rendered a Ferrari 458 Italia, one of our favourite cars and 3D models we have in our library. We have taken this opportunity to showcase a few automotive VRay materials including a car paint material, a few metal textures and more.

  • For the main bodywork of the car we have utilised a red car paint VRay material which includes a shellac layer to add the realism to the reflections.
  • We have used a brushed metal texture and material for the brakes utilising a cylindrical UV map to simulate the disk grooves.
  • For the chrome Ferrari badge at the front we used a chrome material, which is the same as the chrome VRay material available on our website, with the bump map removed to enable a smooth finish.
  • We used our VRay car glass material for the windshield and windows, although we slightly darkened the material’s refraction property.
  • And for the floor we used our Asphalt VRay Material which we overlayed a detailed painted road lines texture map on to create the detail on the road.
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